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Squirrels are very common in both the wild and in urban settings. They love to live in attics of houses! They find an opening near the roof or chew their way inside, and set up a nest. You may hear them scampering and scratching in morning and evening. They are easier to trap than most nuisance wildlife, if you use the proper techniques of mounting traps directly on entry and exit holes.

Common Squirrel problems in Vaughan

Squirrels can live anywhere with trees, and thrive in suburban environments. As rodents, they are great at gnawing and chewing. They give birth to young twice a year, and will use any warm, dry space they can find. They are obviously extremely agile, and can climb pretty much anything, and go anwhere they please. Thus, they cause some of the following problems:

  • Chewing into an attic, and setting up a nest
  • Fire risk from chewed electrical wires in attic
  • Crawling into a chimney and living there
  • Eating garden plants, bird seed, etc.
  • Chewing on the wood of a house, porch, shed, etc.
  • Dying inside walls or chimney, and causing odor problems.
  • Concern about a sick or agressive squirrel on property.

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