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Raccoon removal and Squirrel removal

Wildlife Removal Vaughan

Wildlife Removal Vaughan will eliminate all your problems with many types of wildlife within your home, business, or property. For years our professional team of Wildlife Removers have been working in Vaughan. Using one-way-doors, snare-poles and repellents, animals are removed using humane removal methods; preventing increased damage to your home or property.

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Raccoons in the wild may not cause a problem, but when they decide to hang out at your place it can be a very different story.



Squirrels are very common in both the wild and in urban settings. They love to live in attics of houses! They find an opening near the roof or chew their way inside, and set up a nest.

Customer Reviews

I wasn't sure what to do about the family of raccoons under my deck. I wanted them removed, not killed. I called Rocco and he did a fantastic job. He came, caught all the raccoons and blocked all entry points. Raccoons get to live, this is so much better. Thank you Rocco.
Great service! I discovered a family of squirrels living in my chimney rent free. Found Rocco’s website with a quick google search and within minutes of sending an email I received a call back and was offered next day service. Squirrels were humanely evicted and their chimney apartment permanently sealed. Will use again.
Drew Smythe

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